Your challenges.


We are here to support you through the main events of your life.

Understanding your challenges and issues, deploying the best expertise in response,

this is what drives us.



Support your strategic projects

If you have an external growth project, or intend to develop new activities, to transform your business model or even a major investment project…

We are “upstream” legal experts, assisting you right from the creation of your project to ensure that law serves your strategy.


Secure your operations

You need specific support on a strategic transaction, or assistance in its implementation.

Our corporate and taxation teams deliver support throughout your project to ensure it is completed under the best possible conditions.


Optimise your estate

Every day we support businesses and private individuals to secure and optimise their regular and extraordinary transactions in France and internationally.

We assist in developing tax strategies, preparation for tax audits and litigation, assistance in formalities with tax authorities.

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