Management Packages.

Including bonus sharing, loyalty and incentive programmes for employees and Management, “management packages” are intended to attract, motivate, and secure the loyalty of a management team capable of pursuing an ambitious business plan to maximise value for all stakeholders.

We assist companies seeking to develop their growing talent without resorting to financing: conventionally, companies under LBOs or start-ups, but in general any group or company seeking to offer its key managers the opportunity to support its growth.


Our support.

Akilys staff are accustomed to working in synergy on legal and tax-related matters. They regularly work on the structuring and deployment of management packages.
On this occasion, Akilys will assist both the controlling partner and the manager(s) concerned, to:

  • Define and negotiate the financial balance of the management package
  • Define an optimised structure in terms of the legal, fiscal, and social requirements
  • Define the terms and conditions of allocation and liquidity offered to staff benefiting from the arrangements
  • Produce and negotiate legal documentation (partnership agreements, contracts to issue / settlement of securities used as the underlying support for the management package, decisions by applicable social bodies, etc.)
  • Support and representation during tax audits or litigation concerning the tax treatment of operations involved in the implementation, execution, and settlement of management packages, both for the issuing company and the beneficiary management members

Akilys also assists executive Management and businesses in the case of disputes in the execution of management packages, for example on the departure of a manager (implementation of
leavers arrangements, expert assessment / decision on price determination, etc.), both in the pre-litigation phase and before the courts.

Your dedicated team.

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