Regulated activities.

We provide sector-specific expertise in “regulated” activities, organised round the regulation of professionals and bodies involved in public interest missions by supervisory authorities, such as education, accountancy, and law. Our integrated service addresses the specific regulations and economic aspects of each profession.

Our support.

Dedicated Akilys teams (corporate law, law applicable to associations and other not-for-profit organisations, tax law) focus on a number of activities:


  • Evaluate the legal, fiscal, organisational, and economic challenges involved in projects
  • Design and implement different project phases in agreement with their clients
  • Secure transactions in terms of legal, fiscal and regulatory requirements

In this context, we assist our clients in all their current and extraordinary transactions, and in particular in the context of:


  • Modelling and structuring complex operations
  • Negotiation, management and execution of M&A processes, private equity and external growth projects involving players and activities in the regulated sector
  • Project management
  • Leadership and coordination of project teams
  • Legal and fiscal optimisation of investments
  • Reorganisation of intra-group flows
  • Organisation of governance and support for relations between partners
  • Management of relations with professional orders and supervisory authorities

Your dedicated team.

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