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Mergers & Acquisitions - Private Equity

Akilys supports its clients throughout their development across a wide range of national and international operations, with assistance from its network of international correspondents.


Every day, Akilys assists businesses and private individuals to secure and optimise their regular or extraordinary operations, such as determining a tax strategy, support for audits and tax litigation, or assistance in formalities with tax authorities.


Akilys has developed a well-reputed practise in the health sector and without segregation based on status or size, assists medical professionals, institutions (national agencies, regional health organisations), clinic groups, biomedical laboratories, public sector healthcare establishments, private institutions of public interest, healthcare cooperation structures, pharmacies, as well as social and medical-social structures.

regulated activity<br />

Regulated activities

Akilys proposes a global service which integrates the specific regulatory and economic aspects of each profession.
This depends on
sector-specific expertise in “regulated” activities, organised around the regulation of professionals and bodies involved in public interest missions by supervisory authorities, such as education, accountancy and law.

Estate taxation

Akilys proposes assistance founded on understanding the different life cycles of management and their families, on the development of their aspirations and professional and personal objectives.

These solutions depend on a combination of tools taken from tax law, corporate law, and civil law.

Start-ups<br />

Start-ups and Capital risk

Akilys supports business creators, from the birth of an idea and the gamble it represents, to its deployment and development.

Our staff have developed a specific approach for start-ups, encouraging sharing and synergies between the structure, the creators, the developers, the financial partners, the employees, the legal advisers, and in general all parties involved.

management package<br />

Management packages

Including bonus sharing, loyalty and incentive programmes for employees and Management, “management packages” are intended to attract, motivate, and secure the loyalty of a management team capable of pursuing an ambitious business plan to maximise value for all stakeholders.
In this respect, Akilys assists companies seeking to develop their growing talent without resorting to financing: conventionally, companies under LBO or start-ups, but in general any group or company seeking to offer its key Management the opportunity to support its growth.

governance<br />

Corporate law & Governance

Governance is central to the life of businesses and organisations.
It must be approached from multiple directions to appreciate the challenges and particular nature of its environment associated with its form (legal structure, listed/unlisted, public or private, start-up, SME, Mid-cap, international group, association, or other not-for-profit organisation), with its shareholder structure (family or not, private or public capital, joint venture, etc.), and with its corporate purpose and objectives.

Governance is also a tool for preventing disputes between shareholders.

not-for-profit organisations<br />

Not-for-profit organisations

In line with the objective fixed by the French Law on Social and Socially Responsible Economy to “reconcile public interest and economic performance”, Akilys has developed extensive expertise in terms of not-for-profit organisations and more generally all the related legal and fiscal challenges.

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