Not-for-profit organisations.

In line with the objective fixed by the French Law on Social and Socially Responsible Economy to “reconcile public interest and economic performance”, Akilys has developed extensive expertise in terms of not-for-profit organisations and more generally all the related legal and fiscal challenges.

As we respect the values, heritage, and strength represented by each movement, each cause and each project, Akilys supports associations, foundations, cooperatives, sports clubs, and groups from the outset and through all phases of their development.

Using proven skills and know-how in structuring and transferring “profit-making” businesses, Akilys teams are regularly active on complex mergers, partial asset contributions, transfers, and transformations.

Akilys is also regularly consulted by public or private sector organisations on legal and tax-related issues related to the world of associations and foundations.


Our support.

We can assist in a wide range of activities:


  • Creating an association, endowment fund, public interest foundation, corporate foundation, hospital foundation, university foundation, cooperatives (SCOP, SCIC in France, etc.)
  • Fiscal structuring upstream and downstream of creation of the NPO
  • Restructuring: merger, partial asset contribution, split, pooling, management mandate, etc.
  • Business activity segmentation and carve-outs
  • Changes to company articles of association and governance
  • Relations with local authorities, State and public bodies
  • Preparation of contracts suited to not-for-profit organisations (partnership, consortium, loan for use, assignment, etc.)
  • Management of tax-related, administrative and social litigation
  • Transfer of activity (successor agreement) or discontinuation of activity
  • Structuring of real estate asset ownership
  • Structuring and execution of donations, bequests, etc.
  • Dissolution, liquidation
  • Sponsorship, “naming” and voluntary activities
  • Support, management and organisation of philanthropic projects, corporate, family, or individual projects
  • Mediation and management of legal and tax litigation

Your dedicated team.

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