Start-ups & capital risk.

The project and those behind it… We support business creators, from the birth of an idea and the gamble it represents, to its deployment and development.

Our staff have developed a specific approach for start-ups, where the structure, the creators, the developers, the financial partners, the employees, the legal advisers and in general all stakeholders are considered as a
cluster” where each party benefits from the experience, know-how, performance, individual and collective synergies offered by the partnership.


Our support.

We work alongside business creators and companies in the financing stage, for all fund-raising opportunities, but also with investors seeking to support the development of businesses.

In their work, our staff must integrate:

  • The constantly-changing environment around us, the multiplication and speed of information channels
  • The roll-out of digital technology in human activities and the development of algorithms as final decision support aids

In this respect, we can assist in a wide range of activities:

  • Creation of companies, production of partnership agreements: financial rights, rights to information, liquidity requirements, “leavers”, etc.
  • Financial structuring of seed capital (love money, crowdfunding, BPI, etc.)
  • Securing finance (VC, Corporate venture, Private equity funds, etc.)
  • Investment structuring (liquidity, release, reuse – article 150 0 b 3 of French general tax code)
  • Management package
  • Issue of complex securities: share subscription warrants, warrants with rapid investment decisions (AIR), business creator share warrants, free shares, stock options, etc.
  • Disposals, guarantees, miscellaneous contracts

Our staff are regular contributors to the development of the entrepreneurial fabric, as tutors or “pro bono” panel members in various organisations and/or incubators such as Manufactory, Beelys, Lyon Start-Up, Réseau Entreprendre and more.

Your dedicated team.

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