Support your strategic projects.

Support your strategic projects<br />

Do you have an external growth project, or to develop new activities, to transform your business model or even a major investment project?

We are “upstream” legal experts, assisting you right from the creation of your project to ensure that law serves your strategy.



With us, make law your strategic asset!

We can co-build your strategic projects from the outset, to deliver the best legal and fiscal structure.
Business model design and organisational design are some of our principal expert areas.



Propose a genuinely integrated corporate and fiscal approach

At Akilys, we do not separate business issues from tax interests to maximise the performance of your projects and your organisation.

Our services for your projects.

  • Co-building strategic projects (business models and organisations)
  • Strategic cooperation on health projects
  • Support for governance
  • Risk prevention
  • Legal, fiscal and regulatory support

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