We have developed a well-reputed practise in the health sector and without distinction based on status or size, provide assistance on a daily basis to medical professionals, institutions (national agencies, regional health organisations), clinic groups, biomedical laboratories, public sector healthcare establishments, private institutions of public interest, healthcare cooperation structures, pharmacies, as well as social and medical-social structures.

Our support.

Our expertise is based on:

  • In-depth knowledge of public and private stakeholders, the economic, social, and regulatory environment of the health sector
  • A sector-specific culture and field experience acquired through previous management or consulting positions in the health sector, allowing us to understand the managerial, organisational, economic and financial challenges of our clients
  • A dedicated multi-disciplinary organisation: health law, corporate and group law, tax law and specialised litigation, law applicable to associations and other not-for-profit organisations.

We address all the following issues:

  • Strategic support, structuring complex operations and in particular business mergers
  • Legal, fiscal, and regulatory structuring, as well as the implementation of business combinations
  • Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, private equity or external growth operations involving health sector players
  • Limited review of tax, legal, regulatory or tariff issues
  • Optimisation of real estate investments and restructuring of intra-group flows
  • Health and medical-social cooperation in multiple legal formats (in France): GCS, GIE, GIP, GHT, GCSMS, association, convention, foundation, etc.
  • Structuring of individual or group practises: SEL, SPFPL and similar, combination of resources, health networks, health centres, nursing homes, local professional communities, etc.
  • Production and negotiation of health practise contracts
  • Assistance with operating permits (hospital, medical-social, pharmacy licence) and institutional projects
  • Assistance with internal and external contracting in public health, social law, and the civil service
  • Structuring and promotion of research, particularly at university hospitals
  • Assistance in the award and execution of public contracts: concessions, public procurement contracts, partnership contracts, long term hospital leases, state occupation agreements
  • Support in terms of pricing and financing of healthcare operators and medical device distributors: Diagnosis-Related-Groups (DRG) based payment, medical classification for clinical procedures, Nomenclature of Medical Biology Acts, List of Reimbursable Products and Services, etc.

Your dedicated team.

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