Quentin Némoz-Rajot.

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Quentin Némoz-Rajot

Head of Legal Doctrine

Lecturer at University of Lyon III

Company law – Mergers & Acquisitions

Tel: +33 (0)469 982 300

Mob: +33 (0)637 571 469

Email: quentin.nemoz-rajot@akilys-avocats.com


Quentin Némoz-Rajot joined Akilys in April 2019 as Head of Legal Doctrine.

He is a lecturer in business law at the Law faculty of University of Lyon III Jean Moulin, where he was head of the Master 1 programme in corporate law.
He previously worked as a contract doctoral student and then temporary lecturer and research assistant.

Specialising in corporate law, he also teaches insolvency law, commercial law, estate law for business owners or contract law to bachelor’s and master’s degree level, but also at the Institute of legal studies (IEJ) for the preparation of the CRFPA and the ENM professional examinations.

Quentin also teaches French business law at foreign universities (Ain Shams University in Cairo, Vietnam National University in Hanoi, University of Sao Paulo, French University in Armenia).

He is a member of the Business law research centre, while organising and speaking at multiple conferences and seminars in France and abroad.

He regularly publishes articles or case notes in scientific journals, mainly in the fields of corporate law and insolvency law.
In this capacity, he is deputy editor of the BACALY publication (Bulletin des Arrêts de la Cour d’Appel de Lyon) and of the sections on corporate law and insolvency law.

He also leads professional training sessions in business law, such as with the Ain Bar Association.
Involved in the academic community through his teaching and research activities, he also directs dissertations and participates in examiner panels for student events such as moot court competitions.
He coordinates legal doctrine intelligence and training for Akilys lawyers, in accordance with client needs.
Lastly, he works with clients to deliver training strongly linked with his practise of law.


Doctorat en droit privé – Université Jean Moulin Lyon III – Thèse soutenue le 3 décembre 2015 sur le sujet suivant : « Les interventions judiciaires spécifiques au droit des sociétés in bonis » sous la direction de M. le Professeur Y. Reinhard

Master 2 recherche Droit approfondi de l’entreprise –  Université Jean Moulin Lyon III

Master 2 professionnel Droit des affaires et fiscalité (DJCE) avec certificat de spécialisation en droit des sociétés – Université Jean Moulin Lyon III.

DU de Droit espagnol – Université Jean Moulin Lyon III

  • Editor of work published on 20 November 2019 by Dalloz Editions in the collection Dalloz Décryptage Loi PACTE – Ce qui change pour le droit des affaires et le droit social (What changes for commercial law and social law) in which he wrote several sections, including an article on “Rethinking company management” in the chapter entitled “Rethinking the place of the company in society”.
  • To be published in the AJ Contrat legal newsletter: “Revision of article 1844 of the French Civil Code by the Law of 19 July 2019”.
  • “Jurisdiction of the summary judgement judge in matters of termination of a continuing contract”, note under commercial cassation, 5 Sept. 2018, (no. 17-10.975), RJ Com, 2019, no. 3, p.272.
  • “Rights of beneficiaries in general meetings: the other side of paradise”, note under civ.
    3rd, 15 Sept.
    2016 (no. 15-15.172), Droit & Patrimoine, April 2017, no. 268, p.
  • “On the role of the judge and the legislator in the moralisation of asset transfers through the duty of loyalty”, Journal des Sociétés, 2017, no. 148, p.
  • “Impact of the PACTE law on CSR in France”, colloquium on compliance in France and Vietnam: implementation and limits, Vietnam National University in Hanoi, 8 June 2019.
  • “The reform of the workforce thresholds”, conference on the PACTE law: what impact on commercial law?
    University of Lyon III Jean Moulin, 24 May 2019.
  • “Transfer Practices and Negotiations”, 1.5 hour panel discussion, sports law seminar at University of Lyon III, 10 October 2018.
  • “The treatment of businesses in difficulty by French law” (in Spanish), 2nd professional Mediterranean congress on business and insolvency, Benidorm (Spain), 22 February 2018.